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Ongoing Events

  • Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2022

    2022-04-01 – 2022-10-31
    Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2022

    Through 10 unchanging categories and one special topic which reflects contemporary global issues, we want to see the world through your own perspectives and understand what each of these topics mean to you. Completely free to enter and open to anyone worldwide, our competitions will challenge you to push the boundaries and set foot in visual terra incognita! Photo by schpleep

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  • Revela’T International Photography Festival

    2022-09-09 – 2022-10-02 · Spain
    Revela’T International Photography Festival

    Revela’T is an international photography festival taking place from the 9th of September to the 2nd of October in Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona and other cities. It is a meeting point for photography enthusiasts and especially for analogue photography enthusiasts, with an extensive program of exhibitions, lectures, debates, demonstrations, workshops, exhibition and sales booths. This year’s motto is TEMPUS FUGIT.

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  • Chris Cook: What Has Always Mattered

    2022-09-14 – 2022-10-15 · United States
    Chris Cook: What Has Always Mattered

    The Black Lives Matter Photographs With Selections from the Kenkeleba Collection Curator: Carl Hezlewood NO RSVP NEEDED, Face Mask Optional. We have highlighted the work of Brooklyn-born-and-raised artist Chris Cook in our magazine several times and are thrilled to see his work coming together in a book as well as art shows now.

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  • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia and Milano PHOTOFESTIVAL Present: “Immagini, oltre i confini”

    2022-09-21 – 2022-11-09 · Italy
    Istituto Italiano di Fotografia and Milano PHOTOFESTIVAL Present: “Immagini, oltre i confini”

    Istituto Italiano di Fotografia is joining the 17th edition of the Milano PHOTOFESTIVAL with a rich program of monographic and group exhibitions.

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  • Baldwin Lee - Howard Greenberg Gallery

    2022-09-22 – 2022-11-12 · United States
    Baldwin Lee - Howard Greenberg Gallery

    In 1983, the photographer Baldwin Lee left his home in Knoxville, Tennessee, and set off on a road trip through the American South. He did not know what his subject would be, but during the trip, he found himself drawn to photographing Black Americans at home, at work and at play, in the street and amid nature. Over the next seven years, he made numerous road trips to the South to continue his work. He returned with images so poignant and piercing, the Museum of Modern Art in New York acquired his photographs. Nearly 40 years after Lee’s initial 2,000-mile road trip, the first solo exhibition of his work in New York will be on view at Howard Greenberg Gallery from September 22 through November 12, 2022. The exhibition Baldwin Lee coincides with the publication of a new monograph of his work by Hunters Point Press in New York in September.

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  • Close Enough: New Perspectives from 12 Women Photographers of Magnum

    2022-09-30 – 2023-01-09 · United States
    Close Enough: New Perspectives from 12 Women Photographers of Magnum

    Close Enough: New Perspectives from 12 Women Photographers of Magnum presents pivotal projects in the careers of 12 contemporary women photographers of Magnum Photos, the pioneering photography collective. Each of the photographers narrates their creative journey, providing vantage points into the extraordinary relationships they create within global situations, communities, and individual subjects.

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  • Death in the Making: Reexamining the Iconic Spanish Civil War Photobook

    2022-09-30 – 2023-01-09 · United States
    Death in the Making: Reexamining the Iconic Spanish Civil War Photobook

    Death in the Making: Reexamining the Iconic Spanish Civil War Photobook brings together nearly 75 original photographs and related ephemera to tell the story of Robert Capa’s iconic 1938 photobook about the Spanish Civil War. In addition to work by Capa, the exhibition presents new insights into the contributions of Polish American photojournalist David “Chim” Seymour, who was only recently credited for his work in the book, and German photojournalist Gerda Taro. Taro’s death in the Spanish Civil War spurred the production of the book, which is dedicated to her.

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  • Lomography × Vinokilo – LomoWalk Napoli

    2022-10-01 · Italy
    Lomography × Vinokilo – LomoWalk Napoli

    Join us for a very special photo walk in collaboration with Vinokilo Italia!

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Upcoming Events

  • Lomography × Vinokilo – LomoWalk Roma

    2022-10-08 · Italy
    Lomography × Vinokilo – LomoWalk Roma

    Join us for a very special photo walk in collaboration with Vinokilo Italia!

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    2022-10-08 – 2022-10-09 · United States

    This workshop investigates two different “silvering out” processes. Both are capable of manipulating the silver content in photographic prints to render it as metallic silver, resulting in a high-shine, mirror-like finish. Chromoskedasic sabattier takes a painterly approach and generates a range of colors. Unpredictable at first, results become more consistent with practice, and can result in partial reversal of the positive image and the production of vibrant colors on plain b/w papers. Halochrome can be used to render either the shadows or the highlights of a silver gelatin print to a metallic finish. Students can bring old silver gelatin prints, black and white negatives and/or digital files that can be made into digital negatives in class. Generally, images with high contrast and clear distinctions between the shadows and highlights will work best for this process—avoid low contrast and a lot of grey tones. Students are welcome to bring silver gelatin paper to experiment with, although RC paper will be provided. Expired or out of date paper is still good for experimenting, all finishes from glossy through matte will work. Come ready to experiment and take your time with these processes and you will be rewarded by your results!

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  • Madres Terra: Book Launch

    2022-10-12 · United States
    Madres Terra: Book Launch

    Join the BDC for a book launch with anthropologist Sebastián Ramírez, co-author of a new book Madres Terra, published by RAYA Editorial. The book’s editor and publisher, Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, will moderate. Over the last seven years Carlos Saavedra, photographer, and Sebastián Ramírez, anthropologist, have worked with the Mothers of the False Positives of Soacha and Bogotá (MAFAPO) to memorialize the victims of the extrajudicial killings perpetrated by the Colombian army. The so-called False Positives were those who the Colombian armed forces kidnapped, executed and disguised as guerrilla fighters to create a fictitious war record. Officially, there have been 6,402 False Positives in Colombia. Saavedra, Ramírez, and MAFAPO collected the stories of the first women who reported the disappearances of their family members: they conducted interviews, took portraits, and collected their personal archives.

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  • Call for Entry: Be a Part of Art Basel Miami Week 2022

    2022-10-22 · United States
    Call for Entry: Be a Part of Art Basel Miami Week 2022

    Analogue Film Photography Association invites you to join Art Basel Miami Week 2022! The exhibition is open to all photographers worldwide, both amateur and professional. The deadline for submission is on 22 October 2022.

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    2022-10-22 – 2022-10-23 · United States

    In 1850, Frenchman, Louis-Desiré Blanquart-Evrard (1802-1872), invented the albumen print. This process involved immersing a sheet of paper in an egg and salt wash, brushing the paper with silver nitrate for light sensitivity, and exposing the coated paper to sunlight for minutes or even hours. The paper was then toned to produce a developed image with a warm brown cast and yellow and cream highlights. The warm brownish hue, a result of the egg emulsion, is a distinguishing earmark of an albumen print. In this workshop, students will learn the Albumen process using these same techniques. Students will learn how to mix chemistry for Albumen, coat paper, sensitize paper, and how to tone prints. The class will have the advantage of using UV lights for faster exposures as well as digital negatives for contact printing.

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  • Leah Frances: Things Were Never Normal

    2022-10-24 – 2023-01-22 · United States
    Leah Frances: Things Were Never Normal

    Leah Frances is a photographer born in Alert Bay, Canada, now based in Easton, Pennsylvania. Her work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times, T Magazine, Lenscratch, the Carnegie Museum of Art’s online journal, Storyboard, and more and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Frances holds an MFA from The Tyler School of Art and Architecture in Philadelphia. Her second book of photography, Lunch Poems, will be released in fall 2022.

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    2022-11-05 · United States

    Pinhole cameras—a fun and easy way to explore image making—are lensless cameras with a tiny aperture. Light from a scene passes through the aperture and projects an inverted image into the opposite side of the camera. Pinholes are also known as camera obscuras. In this one day workshop, students will build their own pinhole cameras using coffee cans, black tape, construction paper, and tinfoil. Then, with the supervision of the instructor, the class will go on a photo walk and expose images onto direct positive photo paper using their pinhole cameras. The students will come back to Penumbra’s darkroom to process and review their photographs. No previous experience is required for this workshop. Teens of all ages are eligible to sign up and participate in this fun day of image making! Students are encouraged to bring their cameras home and continue experimenting after the workshop.

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    2022-12-10 – 2022-12-11 · United States

    This two-day workshop will introduce you to the magic (and basics) of hand-applied silver gelatin printing taught for all levels of experience. With tutor demonstrations and hands-on practice, we will review and make different pieces with hand-applied liquid emulsion. Topics covered will include the basics of darkroom printing and chemical safety, techniques for printing on porous and nonporous materials, as well as choices and actions connected to emulsion application, artist's hand, and media substrate as well as emulsion handling, and troubleshooting. By the end of the weekend, you will have a greater understanding of how to use liquid emulsion on a variety of surfaces and tailor applications to suit different ideas and concepts. Please bring your own negatives to print from or contact Penumbra for rates if you need to have digital negatives prepared for you. Some materials will be provided but please feel free to bring any materials or objects you would like to try printing on- we can't guarantee we'll get to it, but we can definitely discuss it and other project ideas.

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    2023-01-21 – 2023-01-22 · United States

    Ziatype is a variation on the traditional palladium process that offers advantages in ease of use, flexibility in tone and contrast, and potential for experimentation. This printing out process requires no chemical developer and exposure can be assessed during development, eliminating waste of expensive palladium due to over and under exposure. Contrast and color are controlled by altering drop count ratios of the chemistry used in the sensitized coating. The resulting images are extremely stable and the possibilities for variation are virtually unlimited. On the first day of the workshop, students will begin by learning how to generate a digital negative best suited for Ziatype printing and produce first prints. On day two, students will continue to practice and start to explore how adjusting the sensitizer affects the tone and contrast of the print.

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Past Events

  • La Sardina LomoWalk x London Design Festival and The Standard, London

    2022-09-24 · United Kingdom
    La Sardina LomoWalk x London Design Festival and The Standard, London

    We partnered with London Design Festival & The Standard, London for a very special design themed LomoWalk using the La Sardina, a wide-angle lens 35 mm camera. We will show you how to shoot with this compact camera and create double exposures then head out around Kings X area to seek out interesting architectural and design features and installations as part of the LDF celebrations. We will encourage you to experiment and shoot from different viewpoints to create a series of unique and inspiring analogue photos. There will be a stop for refreshments. Each participant will receive a roll of Lomography film and will be processed at a local lab courtesy of Lomography. This LomoWalk is FREE. Places limited to 7 people per walk.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Minneapolis

    2022-09-24 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Minneapolis

    This upcoming September 24th, we will be holding a LomoWalk in Minneapolis, Minnesota! The event will be led by Thom Abbott with support from Fast Foto Film Lab. The first 10 participants to sign up will receive a free roll of our Metropolis film as well as 50% off developing and scanning from Fast Foto Film Lab.

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  • Adult Arts & Crafts: Cyanotypes for Beginners

    2022-09-17 · United States
    Adult Arts & Crafts: Cyanotypes for Beginners

    Celebrate the fall with a hands-on cyanotype workshop for adults at Flatbush Library. Also known as blueprints or sunprints, cyanotypes use an early photographic printing process to create stunning blue photograms. Each participant will have the chance to create 1–2 prints on various types of paper. Materials provided but feel free to bring leaves, flowers or other objects you’d like to use to create your own unique piece. Weather permitting – event will take place in front of the library. Masks and registration encouraged.

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  • Photo '90 Val Tidone Exhibition Market

    2022-09-11 · Italy
    Photo '90 Val Tidone Exhibition Market

    Photo '90 Val Tidone, now in its 61st edition, is a photography exhibition market taking place on Sunday 11th of September in Castel San Giovanni (PC), Italy. You will find second-hand photographic gear, books, accessories and a repair and quick cleaning service. During the event, at their stand, Felix Bielser and Gerardo Bonomo will offer free development of a 135 B&W film to the first 10 people to come.

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  • Funzilla Fest Summer Edition 2022

    2022-09-02 – 2022-09-04 · Italy
    Funzilla Fest Summer Edition 2022

    Funzilla Fest Summer Edition 2022 is a festival dedicated to photographic fanzines, taking place from the 2nd to the 4th of September in Alfedena, Italy. The program of the festival includes several exhibitions, meetings and workshops. Read more and find out how to enter the giveaway and have a chance to win two Lomography films and one free Funzilla Fest workshop!

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  • Lomography x Rifondazione Analogica: LomoWalk Palermo

    2022-09-03 · Italy
    Lomography x Rifondazione Analogica: LomoWalk Palermo

    Join us for a very special walk in collaboration with the Sicilian photo collective Rifondazione Analogica!

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  • LomoWalk and dev workshop with Mori Film Lab

    2022-09-03 · Belgium
    LomoWalk and dev workshop with Mori Film Lab

    Come join us in Bruxelles on September 3rd with Mori Film Lab! You will have the opportunity to shot a Lomography Lady Grey B&W ISO 400 35 mm film and learn how to develop it right after shooting! We will provide the film for your own camera and go on a walk around the neighbourhood of the Lab in Forest/Saint-Gilles. Mori Film Lab will also provide all the equipment and chemicals to develop. Then they will scan and send you your pictures. Number of participants is limited.

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  • SEPTUA by Reg Campbell

    2022-09-02 – 2022-09-03 · United States
    SEPTUA by Reg Campbell

    Reg Campbell was in his late 30s when he found out he had leukemia. The photographer was ready to fight and determined to document the process. With his cameras in tow, he began photographing his hospital stays, chemo treatments, and, in between, precious time at home with his wife and young daughter. He called the series Septua, from the Latin word for seven, referring to his initial 7 weeks of chemotherapy and 7 months of intermittent hospital stays. After receiving a bone marrow transplant from his sister, he went into remission, but a year later the cancer came back and again a year after that, in November 2019. He died on May 15, 2020. As Campbell searched for a marrow donor to save his life, he continued to require blood transfusions as part of cancer treatments. He hoped his exhibition would raise awareness about joining the Be The Match Registry and donating blood for cancer patients like him

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  • Asian Archives: Open Call For Film Photographers

    2022-08-01 – 2022-08-31
    Asian Archives: Open Call For Film Photographers

    Asian Archives was started in 2021 amidst the rise of violence against API people in the united states with the goal of uplifting the voices of Asian American and Pacific Islander visual artists. The project is currently having its first ever open call for film photographers to participate in their first exhibition titled "Through the Looking Glass: The stories behind and in front of the lens."

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  • The Modernist La Sardina LomoWalk Manchester with Stephen Marland

    2022-08-27 · United Kingdom
    The Modernist La Sardina LomoWalk Manchester with Stephen Marland

    We’ve teamed up with The Modernist for a special LomoWalk with photographer and moocher Stephen Marland, who will invite you to point your camera at some modernist architecture around Manchester City Centre. There will be 10 rolls of Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400 film available and La Sardina wide angle cameras to try out. Your photos will then be processed at Come Through Lab for no extra charge! Feel free to bring your own cameras and film along with you too.

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  • LomoWalk Vienna – At Night

    2022-08-26 · Austria
    LomoWalk Vienna – At Night

    On Friday, August 26, we invite you to a very special LomoWalk in Vienna with a focus on long exposure!

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  • Anya Broido 2022 Summer Resident Exhibition

    2022-08-06 – 2022-08-21 · United States
    Anya Broido 2022 Summer Resident Exhibition

    Anya Broido will be having her first solo exhibition in New York City at Contact Gallery, opening this weekend. As the recipient of the Summer Residency Program at NYC Street Photography Collective, her work explores and questions the duality of our personal and public personas, seeking to understand how we have recovered from a time when we were all ordered to stay inside.

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  • World Photography Day

    World Photography Day

    An annual, worldwide event that honors the art, craft, science, and history of photography. Share your best photographs with #World Photography Day! This celebration originated from the invention of the daguerreotype process developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. On August 19, 1839, the patent for this groundbreaking invention was purchased by the French government and declared as a “gift free to the world.”

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  • Develop: The Photo Exhibition

    2022-08-09 – 2022-08-15 · United States
    Develop: The Photo Exhibition

    Portfolio Development is a guided independent study program for photographers of all levels who are interested in honing their artistic eye and building their body of work by participating in this community of photographers. The show features images from twenty nine photographers who completed the program and will be open for the public to view and celebrate their work. During this show the Soho Photo Gallery will be open to the public to view the exhibit every day from 12 noon to 6pm. No need to register to stop by the gallery to see the exhibit any day it’s on view!

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  • LomoChrome Metropolis LomoWalk in Belfast with Ireland Analog

    2022-08-13 · United Kingdom
    LomoChrome Metropolis LomoWalk in Belfast with Ireland Analog

    We have partnered with Ireland Analog for a special LomoChrome Metropolis LomoWalk in Belfast on Saturday, August 13th. The meeting point will be at The Palm House in Botanic Gardens (near Queens University) at 1pm.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Seattle

    2022-08-13 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Seattle

    On Saturday, August 13th we will be holding a LomoWalk in Seattle, Washington hosted by Cole Whitworth. The event will start at Pike Place Market at Victor Steinbrueck Park. The first 10 participants to sign up will receive a free roll of LomoChrome Metropolis film as well as 15% off development and scanning from Panda Lab, so don’t wait to register!

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  • Explore the Oniric World of the Diana Cameras with the Collective Patient Wolves

    2022-08-07 · Italy
    Explore the Oniric World of the Diana Cameras with the Collective Patient Wolves

    On Sunday August the 7th, we will provide our classic Diana family cameras and films to offer you the opportunity to explore their wonderful dreamy world, and create lo-fi photographs, with a unique super-soft vignetting, radiant colours and drenched in gorgeous analogue imperfections.

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  • “Zone Mixte“ – Le sport dans l’objectif de photographes femmes

    2022-07-20 – 2022-08-06 · France
    “Zone Mixte“ – Le sport dans l’objectif de photographes femmes

    ​In preparation of the ​​Paris ​Olympic ​Games 2024, Analog Sport, a non-profit for education and integration through film photography and sport, and Le Consulat Voltaire are collaborating​ for the collective​ exhibition​ “Zone Mixte“. From July 21st to August 6​th ​2022, the exhibition will feature the work of 11 female-identifying photographers aged 18-36. Opening party starting at 6PM on July 21st. We’re giving carte blanche to four of the photographers of the exhibition to produce a series with Lomography films.

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    2022-08-05 · Germany

    analogueNOW! and Neue Schule Für Fotografie present their second event cooperation. Cold drinks, analogue amateurs and art book publishers will make up this creative soup of an evening. Two photographers and three publishers will present their analogue works and publications.

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  • LomoWalk Fiumefreddo Bruzio

    2022-07-31 · Italy
    LomoWalk Fiumefreddo Bruzio

    Join a special LomoWalk in collaboration with Fiumefreddo Photo Festival, lead by long time Italian Lomographer Alessia Palermiti. Capture the city through fresh eyes with analogue photography gear!

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  • London Estates LomoWalk Metropolis at Thamesmead with London Film Photography

    2022-07-30 · United Kingdom
    London Estates LomoWalk Metropolis at Thamesmead with London Film Photography

    We’ve teamed up with Rajat from London Film Photography for a special LomoChrome Metropolis Lomowalk, which is part of six photowalks based on the project of “London Estates“. The aim is to explore some of London’s estates, not all well known and to see how people lived there in the past and how time has changed the dwellings. These are good walks for architecture and street photography. Photos taken on all six walks will be included in a zine/photobook.

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  • Analogue Photography Workshop: Double Exposures with La Sardina and Sprocket Rocket

    2022-07-24 · Italy
    Analogue Photography Workshop: Double Exposures with La Sardina and Sprocket Rocket

    Learn the art of multiple exposures using the La Sardina and Sprocket Rocket 35 mm cameras and their rewind knobs, in this workshop in collaboration with Progetto Rinascita.

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  • LomoWalk Metropolis: Miami

    2022-07-24 · United States
    LomoWalk Metropolis: Miami

    This upcoming July 24th we will be holding a LomoWalk in Miami, Florida! The event will be lead by Carlos Llamas, the number of participants is limited to 10 and all participants will receive a free roll of our Metropolis film as well as 50% off Development and Scan at the Bellows Film Lab Miami.

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  • EXP.22 – Experimental Photo Festival

    2022-07-20 – 2022-07-24 · Spain
    EXP.22 – Experimental Photo Festival

    EXP.22 will be held in Barcelona, Spain between the 20th and 24th of July, 2022 and will host 80 workshops, 40 conferences, and 10 activities OFF with 46 international artists and curators. The festival is organized by a non-profit cultural association that aims to create, promote, and disseminate experimental photography in all its aspects.

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  • Book Launch: re·source

    2022-07-17 · United Kingdom
    Book Launch: re·source

    re·source is the third publication from the Sustainable Darkroom. Featuring nearly 200 pages of essays, recipes, experiments, images, and research from a network of practitioners worldwide, re:source is their largest publication yet – and the most extensive collection of writing on sustainable photographic practice to date.

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